Local. Natural. Tasty.

Local. Natural. Tasty.

Nutrient-packed eggs + premium chicken
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In a region where cotton is king, Alcove Farms is farming differently. Our farm is the first to adopt regenerative farming practices within the city limits of Lubbock, Texas - producing fresh eggs and hormone-free chicken while also restoring the land to what nature intended. Come see where your food comes from and meet our farmers and happy hens!

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Alcove Farms uses unique regenerative farming processes that go back to the basics, letting nature take control. Through regenerative farming techniques, our farmers and chickens work in partnership with plants, sunlight, and water to create rich soil. It’s God’s natural plan for teamwork!

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Taste the difference in our products. Our premium, pasture-raised chicken and local eggs are hormone-free, organically fed, non-soy, hand-processed and hand-picked by our farmers. From farm to fork, Alcove Farms is providing freshness and flavor in every bite to Lubbock families, businesses and restaurants near you!

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As your neighborhood farmer, we work hard to deliver the best local eggs and premium chicken to Lubbock restaurants and businesses near you. Find us at your favorite local stops in town or come by the farm any day! We’d love to give you the grand tour.