kerry ritchie

The first employee and president of Alcove Farms, Kerry Ritchie began a healthy lifestyle journey which led to pursuing a passion in farming.


The new, healthier lifestyle began when Kerry and his wife, Stephanie, decided to see a natural holistic doctor. They began to seek out ways to find more natural foods. Soon after the Ritchie family began their journey, the Lord led Rick Betenbough, co-founder of Betenbough Homes and board member, to appoint Kerry for Alcove Farms.


Kerry's favorite thing about chickens, is watching them do all they were created to do, such as, scratch, forage and come alive in their personalities. His favorite way to eat his eggs is over-easy.

shawn peacher

Shawn was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas.  He first joined the Betenbough Homes family as a member of the detail team, and was soon recruited to help run the farm. Shawn enjoys caring for our lovely ladies, and his favorite thing about chickens is their curiosity.


More importantly, when asked how he likes his eggs – he enjoys them with bacon, toast and a little bit of cheese on top!


Jeremy is currently in school pursuing a career in law enforcement. He heard about Alcove Farms from a previous employer who thought this opportunity would be a great way for him to grow and learn new skills – and we're thankful they did! One of the reasons Jeremy says he loves his job is that every day is different. One thing that is consistent is caring for the animals: hens, chickens, cattle, and now even puppies!


Jeremy said he likes to eat his eggs sunny side up and his chicken fried!