Tucked away in north Lubbock, Texas, Alcove Farms resides on 160-acres located between Alcove & 4th Street. As soon as your boots hit the ground on the farm, you will be greeted by our 500+ pastured hens enjoying the West Texas sun alongside cattle. The chicken and cows work in partnership, through a regenerative farming technique called mob grazing. Our farm is the first of its kind to adopt this method of farming in the city limits.


how we do it

The president of Alcove Farms, Kerry Ritchie, knows just how vital this process is, not only to the land, but especially to its inhabitants. “Cows, God’s natural mowers, go first and eat the grass. Following behind are the chickens, God’s natural tillers that forage on the ground and till the land as they scratch. You follow behind the chickens with water and sunlight, and this process creates the richest soil over time. Then, you do it all over again until you have restored the land from dry and dusty, to fertile.”


This desire to restore nature's first farming practices has caught the eye of the Texas Tech University Plant and Soil Science Department. Alcove Farms formed a partnership with Texas Tech in 2017 to measure the soil health and benefits of regenerative farming.


“Not only does the naturally, lush green pasture prove that it is working, but now we will begin to see the data to support this initiative,” said Ritchie. “We are on our way to providing healthy food to our community while restoring our land; it's a win-win.”



Alcove Farms products currently include organic-fed, pastured chicken eggs and naturally-raised packaged poultry. In the future, we hope to provide vermicompost, and garden fresh vegetables. The farm also provides services such as pasture crop leasing and educational services.